Below you will find the compensation and benefits given to egg donors.

Egg Donation Benefits

  • As an egg donor you will be compensated for your time, effort and dedication of donating your eggs.
  • Egg donor compensation ranges based on certain criteria and demand for donors. Some first-time donors start out at $5,500 and others may start at $10,000. Cycle related expenses are covered by Intended Parents (explained below).
  • Egg donors who have donated before and meet certain criteria may have the potential to earn more.
  • Highly desirable donors can earn more.
  • You may receive a part of the total compensation once you start cycle medications and the remainder after completion of the egg retrieval.

Additional Benefits paid for by Intended Parents

  • All medical screenings and cycle medication.
  • Mileage and parking reimbursement for medical appointments required for the cycle.
  • Cycle related travel expenses including airfare, accommodation, per Diem, and transportation from
    the hotel to the clinic.
  • Egg retrieval travel expenses for one companion.