Egg Donation Process

Hi potential Eggsy donors! What a great and selfless thing you’re doing. I know that you can make great money, but you’re really changing the lives of these families forever!

Step 1 | Preliminary Application

Fill out your preliminary application (should take less than 15 minutes)

Step 2 | Added To Database

Once the questionnaire has been sent back to Eggsy, Inc. you will be added to Eggsy’s egg donor database

Step 3 | Medical Testing and Interview

Your profile will then be searchable by Intended Parents and once you are matched with potential Intended Parents, you will undergo medical testing including FDA required testing and an interview with the Intended Parent’s IVF clinic

Step 4 | Confirm Availability

If the Intended Parents decided to proceed, we will confirm your availability to make sure it is in line with the Intended Parents desired date

Step 5 | Finalization

If the dates are confirmed all legal documents will be finalized and the cycle coordination can begin

Step 6 | Sign Up Now!

Now that you’re ready, you can sign up and get going!