• Will Egg Donation Affect My Fertility?

    No! The egg retrieval process should not have a negative impact on your fertility. You will be working with doctors specializing in fertility and endocrinology who will ensure your health and safety.

  • How Does The Egg Donation Process Work?

    Once you have been screened and approved for our donor database, your profile can be viewed by intended parents on the secure Eggsy Inc. website.
    If an intended parent selects you, your egg donor coordinator and the fertility clinic will work with you to set up a medical and psychological evaluation to determine your overall health and suitability for the egg donation procedure.
    The physician will prescribe hormone medication that you will take for approximately three weeks.
    You will then be scheduled for an out-patient procedure in which the eggs will be retrieved from your ovaries.
    The procedure is administered in a doctor’s office using a light sedative.
    Most egg donors are able to return to school or work the following day.
    You will be under doctor’s care during the entire process.

  • Is The Egg Retrieval Procedure Painful?

    The egg retrieval procedure is being performed using a light sedative, so you will not feel any discomfort during the retrieval process. Afterwards, you may feel sleepy from the sedative. You may also feel some minor cramping, similar to menstrual cramps.

  • How Much Will I Be Compensated For My Time And Egg Donation?

    Eggsy Inc. recognizes that donating eggs is time consuming and somewhat inconvenient. You may be missing regular work or school for a short period of time.
    Also, the egg donation process requires sexual abstinence for several weeks. Eggsy donors set their own compensation for their time and commitment to following through with the procedure. The compensation could also be a range. Egg donor compensation starts at $10,000 plus expenses, and can go up from there for highly desirable donors, per donor cycle.
    Highly sought after and or experienced donors may set their compensation higher.
    You will receive $800 of the total compensation once you have started the cycle medications, the remainder of the compensation will be paid upon completion of the egg retrieval. Some families may want to have a second child genetically attached to their sibling and want you to donate a second time later.

  • Will I Have Any Out Of Pocket Expenses For Donating My Eggs?

    No! The intended parents pay for all of your expenses, including travel, mileage, parking as well as the traveling expenses for one companion.

  • What Happens If There Are Medical Complications Resulting Form My Egg Donation?

    Although complications resulting from egg donation are rare, your recipient will provide medical insurance to cover any unanticipated medical expenses resulting from your donation.
    Additionally, the intended parents will pay for any costs that are not covered by the insurance but that are a direct result of the egg retrieval procedure.
    You should receive all medical care necessary to treat any complication at no expense to you.

  • May I Remain Anonymous With My Egg Donation?

    Yes! It is entirely your choice to remain anonymous.
    You may decide to have some contact with the intended parents, meet the intended parents or even be open to meeting any children that may be born as a result of your egg donation.
    Your privacy is a critical component in this process. You will not know your recipients’ name(s) and the recipient will not know any of your personal identifying information.
    Our egg donor’s profiles are password protected on a secured website.
    Merely registered intended parents may access and view your donor profile.

  • What if I forgot my password?

    You may retrieve your password by providing the email address you registered with at this page: http://www.eggsy.com/lostpassword/